Sping Kickoff Meeting Thursday February 3rd at the Berwyn Tavern

It's on. The PWRFC spring season is upon us. This Thursday kicks it off with a meet and greet with our new head coach Conway Maraki. For those of you who do not know Conway - great guy - great club guy - great rugby man! Chris Ryan is still in our midsts, so its a win-win for the club. Please let us know that you are coming!

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Cass on the Wall in the Ladies Room

CassI was over at Boathouse sports the other day doing some leg-work for Ivy League Rugby. As soon as they heard I was from Philly Whitemarsh, the founder ran into the ladies room to grab the photo off the wall. Every women at Boathouse Sports and there's a lot of them have seen Cass from the back side. I know a lot of you still have that Boathouse jacket, let me know who you are and/or send me a photo. Maybe I can get one or two of you on the wall in a different bathroom at Boathouse Sports. Check out the post »

Check out this 1989 video posted by Marcus Maffei

CassYa gotta click thru just to hear the great play-by-play of our own Julian Sur. Awesome. Also, check out some of the moves on Biddy Boyle. Stupendous. While your at it ... play a little where's Walier. Hint: He's not playing for East Penn or PWRFC. So Jim, when are you moving back down ... your wife is obviously here to stay again. Club guys in the video include: Jim Walier, George Betzler, Julian Sur, Stephen Siano, Chris Ryan, Puddin, Keith McLean, Terrance Titus, Biddy Boyle, JoJo Gunn, Rob Farley, Flam, Andy Rosato, Cass, Mike Siano, Marcus Maffei, Sheety.

East Penn and PW vs Nova Rugby 7's 1989 Norfolk, VA Video »