We WIN! PW 33 - Syracuse 16

We WIN! PW 33 - Syracuse 16

 The run continues as PW is headed to the Final Four after a well-deserved win over Syracuse RFC!

After defeating Gainesville, Florida 33 -19 yesterday, PW advanced to the round of 8 with the match against Syracuse this morning. Not a lot of time to recover as kickoff was at 11:15 am. Syracuse defated the Midwest's #2 seed St. Paul yesterday to advance.

Twitter Play by Play

  • PW about to take the field vs Syracuse http://pic.twitter.com/PtEEtpgM
  • Were underway! http://pic.twitter.com/vHNPS6jS
  • Slight drizzle at kickoff. Syracuse scrum on their side of the 50.
  • Cuse lineout stolen by PW. http://pic.twitter.com/K3uJFGzA
  • Another cuss lineout on PW driven 10 meters.
  • Syracuse draws first blood. 7-0 7 min in.
  • Errant kickoff. Cuse scrum stolen at the 50.
  • PW lineout just outside Cuse 22.
  • PW knocking on the door. Penalty awarded on the 5. Cuse Yellow card.
  • Louis Tulio scores! Rosato converts. 7-7. 13 min in.
  • Syracuse driving. PW steals a ruck the knocks it on. Cuse scrum at midfield.
  • Cuse scrum on their side of mid field. 22min left in the first half.
  • PW awarded penalty. Rosato to attempt 35 meter kick. Wide right. 7-7 20 minutes in.
  • PW given penalty. Back to full strength.
  • Tulio again! 12-5.
  • Rosato conversion good. 14-7*
  • Cuse scrum just over midfield. 15 min left in half.
  • PW scrum http://pic.twitter.com/GxJztr3t
  • Back and forth play. 10 min left in half.
  • PW lineout 10 meters past midfield.
  • Brennan Conway from 40 meters! 19-7!
  • Conversion wide left from sideline. 8 min left in 1st half.
  • A happy Mother's day shoutout to all the Moms and a special one to Lauren from Brandon!
  • Cuse line out deep in PW zone.
  • Knocked on. PW scrum 5 meters in front of own line.
  • Syracuse penalty on PW 22.
  • Under 5 min left in half.
  • PW 22 meter drop. 3 min left in half.
  • Check. PW scrum over midfield.
  • Last minute. PW scrum stolen. Then knocked on.
  • Halftime. PW leads 19-7.
  • 2nd half underway.
  • PW scrum at midfield. Cuse driving now.
  • Cuse knocks it on in a lineout. PW scrum inside own 22
  • Syracuse penalty kick attempt from inside 22 in front of posts is good. 19-10 PW 35 minutes left.
  • PW penalty. Kick to touch. Lineout just outside Cuse 22.
  • Engle chips for the tryzone. Touched down by Cuse. 22m drop.
  • Syracuse scrum just over midfield. 30 min left.
  • Cuse to attempt another kick for points. Longer attempt is good. 19-13 PW. 26 min left.
  • Cuse scrum at midfield. Now driving.
  • PW penalized again in their own zone. Cuse going for points.
  • Wide left. PW 22 drop. 23 min left.
  • Andrew Fusco given yellow card. Cuse again going for points.
  • It's good. 19-16. 21 left.
  • PW knocks it on at Cuse 22m.
  • PW kicking for points. Rosato wide right. Still 19-16. 18 min left.
  • Cuse lineout at midfield. 15 min left. http://pic.twitter.com/9KIH8RlX
  • Cuse driving off lineout deep.
  • Turnover. PW lineout.
  • PW over midfield with pick and go play.
  • Down to the 22 now. 11 min left.
  • PW knocks it on but gets Fusco back from the bin.
  • Cuse scrum on own 22.
  • Cuse knocks it on in their end under 9 min left.
  • PW awarded penalty. Injury stoppage with 7 left.
  • PW lineout just inside Cuse 22.
  • PW down to the 5 m playing advantage. Conway Maraki scores!
  • Rosato conversion good! PW leads 26-16. 3:30 left.
  • Brennan Conway makes 70m break to score!
  • 31-16 PW with a minute remaining!
  • It's final! PW wins 31-16! On to Colorado for the final four!
  • PW team photo after the win. http://pic.twitter.com/V3KzRYjk
  • @NORFC: @therugbyclub congrats. See you guys there!
  • PW defeats Syracuse 31-16 and we're headed to the final four. http://fb.me/1niRbG4C7

PW will travel to Infinity Park in Glendale, CO on the weekend of June 2nd and 3rd as one of four teams to compete for the national championship.

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