Last Chance to Order PW Gear for the Fall

PW / Surfside Gear - Last Chance

Store Closes at Midnight Tonight

The Shop is On! We are all set to show off our new Surfside and PWRFC gear. Login, pick out your favorite stuff and wait for it ... wait for it ... Boathouse Sports will deliver it straight to your door. Visit »

It's about time we had some gear again!
We're fortunate to have hooked up with a great supplier Boathouse Sports. Our shop will be online for a limited time only. Any proceeds from the sale of items will benefit the club. We're looking for our active players to look sharp and look like the club we are once again becoming. For those of us just slightly past our prime, it's our chance to get the same gear the boys are wearing. Those of you who have Boathouse jackets from the early 90s are familiar with the quality. Check out the store the gear is cool »

Active Players ORDER Gear

Don't Forget to Order Gear! Active team members - you wanted it and we got it. If there is anyone with financial issues please contact me directly, otherwise we're expecting you guys to purchase matching gear. After speaking to Bob, Conway, Dan and Jim, the club has decided that active players will wear the Men's Horizon Half-Zip Jacket and the L/S Shooting Shirt. We're expecting you to purchase these 2 items through the store.

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