Vote on 2015-16 Team Captains

We will be holding a team-vote in the next couple of weeks to elect captains for the upcoming 2015-16 season. We will be accepting nominations this week (you can nominate yourself too) and will hold a vote sometime the week after. 

Voting will all occur privately via email or in person at training at a time set later. Each player will vote for one forward and one back. The player who receives the highest total votes will be named Captain, the player in the other position group with the 2nd highest votes will be Vice-Captain. 

(E.g. - a forward has the most votes, so he becomes captain. The back with the highest votes would become vice-captain. We'd then have a forwards and backs captain, and an automatic backup in case someone is out of town or injured.)

To start - please send nominations for captain(s) to Paul and Kyle directly (DO NOT REPLY ALL), and CC the player who you are nominating if not yourself. If that player accepts we will record that nomination. Nominations are due by EOD Friday (8/21), and will be announced by Saturday the 22nd. 

Until this vote is completed Bob is still captain. If you have any questions please contact Kyle or Paul directly. 

Kyle Antoian:
Paul Chang: