Surfside Sevens a Great Weekend for PW


It was a good weekend for PWRFC at Surfside Sevens. The barbeque pit was smokin all day with great food and lots of visitors. The pulled pork was most excellent. 

Thanks to Dominick Bartone, Ryan McLean and Steve Frey (pictured above) and Anita McLean for cooking/serving at the Pit. 

PW guys were well represented on the fields both days, setting up, keeping time, working as touch judges and field captains and generally helping things run smoothly. There were no major problems beyond a few inevitable injuries and some goal post pad covers going AWOL. 

The Shockers got a free pass when Happy Valley went to the wrong field, giving them an automatic 12-0 win in their first game. Later Saturday, they vanquished Media RFC the old-fashioned way, winning 41-7, and shut out Reading Rugby 39-0.

In the Men's Club final, Downingtown edged out a 12-10 win.   

Full tournament results »

Lending a hand...

In addition to PW's own Stephen Siano running the show, the following folks were on hand at Surfside 2015 to help out.  

Current Players

Ryan McLean
Tim Antoian
John Knab
Brian Engle
Jess (Engle)
Dom Bartone
Conway Maraki
Gavin Teichman
Bob Haller
Eric Miller
Ian Williams
Dave Pierce
Dave Cycon
Kyle Antoian
Steve Frey
Andrew Kneisly
Jim Champion
Ryan Tower
Cesare Coscia
Pat Humbert
Alex Johnson
Brian Flint
Matt Stauffer
Ty Miller
Paul Chang
MIke Kelly

Old Boys

Keith McLean
Brad Mills
Marsh "Pudding Head" Pennington
Lex McCurry
Michael DiFrancesco
Dan Kateusz
Matt “Tatonka” Szkotak
Jim Siano
John Siano
Biddy Boyle

Let us know if we are missing any one!