Sat Dec 3rd -1st Annual Philly Touch Tournament - Early bird discount!

Sat Dec 3rd -1st Annual Philly Touch Tournament - Early bird discount!

Philadelphia-Whitemarsh RFC is proud to announce that it will be hosting the 1st Annual Philadelphia Touch Tournament on Saturday, December 3rd. The tournament will be held at The Proving Grounds at: 707 Conshohocken Rd, Conshohocken, PA 19428. We have secured a turf field there that is large enough for us to conduct two games at a time.

The entry fee for the tournament will be $175. However, we are offering a discounted rate of $150 for all teams that register/pay on or before Friday, November 18th.

For the winning team, you will receive a cash prize of $150 as well as a waiver of the entry fee the following year (2017). The runner-up will also have the entry fee for the 2017 tournament waived. We are also in the process of securing additional prizes from our sponsors.

To register:
1.) Send payment via Paypal to or via Venmo to @PWRFC
2.) Include a memo/note with the name of the team contact as well as their contact information (phone number and/or e-mail) and your designated team name.

Payment may also be made by check if preferable. Please contact Dominick Bartone at for payment information and the address to send checks to.

We look forward to seeing you out there on December 3rd. And in the meantime, please email Dominick Bartone at with any questions. Thank you.

The 1st game will begin promptly at 9:00AM. We ask that teams arrive by 8:30AM to go over the rules of the tournament.

The tournament will consist of 16 teams with 7 on 7 touch rugby. Teams are allowed 12 players on their rosters. Games will last 20 minutes in length - with each team guaranteed three games. There are unlimited rolling subs. The winners from each pool will go on to play in a single elimination playoff format.

We will be following the modified laws from which can be found here -

The quick summary of the modified laws we will be following:

• 2 points for a win and 0 points for a loss
• Games during the pool play can end in a tie - both teams will be awarded 1 point.
• A try counts as 1 point - there are no conversions
• 1 hand is all that is needed for a touch, not 2
• There are no kickoffs, the offensive team starts on their own 10 meter line with a tap to start the play
• If your team scores, the defending team will get the ball to start next
• There will be 6 downs allowed per offensive series. On the 6th down, if the attacking team does not score or the defensive team does not commit a penalty, the ball is turned over. The defensive team can take the ball and start play with a roll/ruck ball.
• The ball can never touch the ground in play - it is an automatic turnover ball to the defending team. Play resumes with a roll/ruck ball.
• If a player runs or steps into touch - it is an automatic turnover to the defending team. The defending team restarts play with a roll/ruck ball through the mark where the player stepped into touch.
• The "dummy half" is the first player to play the ball after the ball is played through their teammates legs. If the "dummy half" is touched before passing the ball, it is an automatic turnover. Play resumes with a roll/ruck ball. The "dummy half" also CANNOT score.
• Defense must retreat 5 meters after a "touch". The referee will tell the defense to get back and whether they are onside or not. If a defensive player makes a play in an "offside" position - the referee will set the mark and a fresh set of 6 downs will be awarded. Play resumes with a tap ball - defense must be back 10 meters on the penalty.
• An attacking player that is touched must do their best to retreat to the point of the touch. If a player advances far past the touch (determined by the referee), the referee can penalize the attacking player and turn the ball over to the defense. The defense can restart the play by a roll/ruck ball at the mark.
• A knock on or forward pass is a turnover. Play resumes by the defense with a roll/ruck ball
• There is no kicking/punting allowed
• Tie breakers for teams that end pool play with equal points will first be determined by total tries for. If there still is a tie, then it will be determined by tries against. If there is a tie still after both scenarios, a coin flip will decide who will advance.
• Playoffs that end in a tie will continue until there is a "golden try". The playoff match will start with 6 v 6 (not 7 v 7). Every 2 minutes, the amount of players on the field will decrease by 1 until a team scores.The team that started with the ball at the beginning of the 1st half will start with the ball in the playoffs.
• All other disputes will be decided by the Tournament Director

For any questions regarding the rules or registration - please reach out to Dominick Bartone at