Philadelphia-Whitemarsh Wins at Lancaster - September 10, 2016 - Week 1

Philly-Whitemarsh (0,0) at Lancaster (0,0) - September 10, 2016
Philly-Whitemarsh’s 2016 fall campaign kicked off this weekend against a very tough Lancaster side on their home turf. The sun was shining and the heat was stifling, as the two Mid Atlantic squads fought a game of attrition. For their first league match, the boys from Philly knew this match would be one of the toughest bouts of the season. Moreover, the Red Roses had an ax to grind, as they were knocked out of playoff contention last spring after drawing with Philly-Whitemarsh in a must-win match. The stakes were high, as both teams have high expectations for the year, and are looking to replace Wilmington as the MAC’s top dog.
PW went on the attack immediately after the kick off. The vast majority of the half was played in Lancaster’s half. However, due to a combination of stellar defense and PW mistakes, the red zone visit - score ratio was very poor. Lancaster did not allow PW’s mistakes go unpunished, and quickly scored the first try of the match after scooping up a knock on and sending it to their speedy backs for a 60m try. Not to be outdone, PW’s forwards grabbed the reigns of the offense. After an aggressive penalty quick tap near the try line, 8-man Isaac Katz cut the lead to 2.
1st Half: 7-5 Lancaster
The match continued in brutal fashion with devastating hits by both squads. PW took the lead for the first time after Aussie debutant Rhys Bowdich dove for the try line, after a crucial ruck was won. PSU alum Joe Baker converted a sideline strike to draw even at 12-12.  As the national pundits predicted, the match remained tight until the end. PW’s forwards were menaces around the breakdown. Stand out performances were provided by Chris Karas, Dominick Bartone, and Brian Kealey. Lancaster’s backs, a notable strength of the team, could not get out of the gate, so the match remained a forward contest. As the clock ticked toward the 4th quarter, Katz scored his double after a barreling over defenders from an 8-man pick, making it 17-12. The drama didn’t end as the Red Roses threatened to score in the remaining 10 minutes. After a lengthy siege on PW’s try line, Lancaster tried to punch it though. However, PW’s defense, heroically led by Ian Williams, rose to the challenge. They bent…but did not break.
Final Score: 17 – 12 Philly-Whitemarsh
PW Try Scorers: Katz 2, Bowdich 1
Conversions: Baker 1/3
Man of the Match: Isaac Katz


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