Friday the 13th Beef and Beer: So Fun it's Scary

Jason WIth Beef

Philly Whitemarsh is having a beef and beer in West Chester this Friday the 13th, from 8 p.m. to midnight at the Knights of Columbus in West Chester.   

Great price + free parking = no excuses

The Knights of Columbus is located at 110 West Market Street in West Chester, PA 19382. There will be beer and Korean BBQ, 50/50's. Come get some drinks in, get some grub and then hit the town.

It's $35 for 1 person or $60 for 2 (if you want to come for part of it, or you have a bigger group email me and we can work something out).

Parking is free a few blocks down the road.

Free Parking Garage -- Justice Center
220 W Market St
West Chester, PA 19382

The Menu

The food will consist of:

Korean BBQ Kalbi Style Sirloin tip - Marinated beef, sweet and salty, charcoal grilled to perfection.

Korean BBQ Pork - Sweet and spicy, also charcoal grilled to add a nice smokiness.

Lee Patties - patties made with tofu, pork, and Korean herbs and spices.

Kimchi - Authentic, homemade pickled spicy cabbage. A Korean delicacy known world wide, goes great with fried rice!

Korean Fried Rice - Seasoned chopped pork, vegetables, egg, and white steamed rice. 

Drinks - BYOB is NOT allowed (Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board)

Beer: All you can drink, the first keg will be Yuengling, and other domestic beer will be added as needed. 

Wine/ Mixed drinks: $4 a glass

Cash bar downstairs with pool table and shuffleboard!

If you need any additional information contact:
Dan Walsh