Christmas Tree Sale Turns into Christmas Giving

PW Chooses Community Youth and Women's Alliance for Tree Donation

The CYWA of Coatesville aims to build stronger families and communities and PWRFC plans to help make that happen at Christmas time! On Friday, December 19, 2003, Keith McLean, Lex McCurry and Stephen Siano loaded 25 Christmas trees in Keith's pickup and headed to Coatesville. The women at the Community Center couldn't have been nicer and more appreciative of the donated trees.

PW Chooses Community Youth and Women's Alliance for Tree Donation

The CYWA services hundreds of families in the area. Shelter Director, Jennifer Smith (in red next to keith) was certain that the trees would be taken and appreciated by the families in the CYWA service area. We arrived to a line of cars delivering toys for the families and left the trees in a gym full of toys and gifts which were about to be distributed. All-in-all the club should all feel great about the effort. I'm proud of how everyone chipped in!

Thank You to the Tree Donors - 26 Trees Donated So Far

  • Michael Badger
  • Jim Brill
  • Jim Bown -2
  • Tyson E Campbell
  • Tom & Mo Cherenack
  • Howard Few
  • Ted Friedman
  • Spiros Malaspina -4
  • Joe & Lynne O'Brien
  • Tony 'Ozzie' Oswald
  • Karen & Scott Palena
  • Steve Printz
  • Stephen Siano
  • George Sucher
  • Matt 'Tatonka' & Leslie Szkotak -2
  • Michael & Megan Verrill
  • Jim and SallyAnn Walier
  • Marty & Katherine Weiss
  • John A. Wetzel

That's 25 for the CYWA and one personal donation!

Read more about the CYWA

More photos

December 22: That's 26!
December 19: 23 trees donated in the last 72 hours - call Keith on his cell: 610-633-8315 for details.
December 18: 19 trees donated in the last 48 hours
December 17: 6 trees donated in the last 24 hours.
December 16: Prices Slashed! $30 per tree. Still a few dozen trees remaining - call Keith on his cell: 610-633-8315 for details.
December 6: The trees have arrived! The trees were cut on Thursday, December 5th.

Please come out and pick up your tree at Keith's house! If you don't have a need for a tree, please refer a family member or friend. Bring the family out and get your tree! Support the club in this fund raising effort!

Donate a Tree
$30 for a 6 footer

Matt Szkotak has issued a challenge to the rugby club. Don't need a tree? Donate a tree to a family in need. We have about 20 6-foot trees remaining. For a tax deductible donation of $30, donate a tree to a needy family and we'll deliver it! (While supplies last!)

The cell number to reach Keith is: 610-633-8315

Directions to McLean's
4231 Howell Road
Malvern, Pa.

From 202 North: Exit at Chesterbrook. Turn left at bottom of ramp. Follow approx. 1 mile to third right onto North Valley, and follow another mile to split in road. Take split to the right(Yellow Springs Rd.) make immediate left on Diamond Rock after going under overpass. Follow 1/2 mile to Clothier Springs, take left and follow to Howell Rd. House #4231 on the right.

From 202 South: Exit at Paoli 252. Take 252 to Swedesford Rd., which is 3rd traffic light, and turn right. Follow to North Valley and refer to directions above.

From Route 30: Follow Route 30 to downtown Paoli. Take North Valley over Railroad Station Bridge until it intersects with Swedesford Rd. Take right on Swedesford and an immediate left onto North Valley Rd. and refer to directions above.

About the Fraser Fir

The Fraser Fir, Abies Fraseri, is a classy, tall, fir tree that has short dark-green needles with silver undersides. It is among the most classy of conifers. A great ornamental and Christmas tree because of its density and compactness. Fraser Firs will grow in most locations but must have good drainage.

This dense evergreen tree has wood that is light, soft, not strong and coarse-grained. It is grown extensively for Christmas trees in Boalsburg, PA. at Kuhn's Tree Farm!

The gentleman who owns the farm has been associated with the Penn State rugby program for over thirty years.

Note From Tony Studdy

I got my 3 trees Sunday. My wife was delighted, one of the nicest trees ever. Thanks to Bob Shaheen and Pete Heaton for picking them up in the snow storm Friday in Central PA. Thanks to Keith McLean for providing the truck and his home for the Sales. Thanks to Salesman Jo Jo for help choosing and loading.