Beef and Beer: Good Company, Good Food in West Chester

PWRFC Beef and Beer
Beef and Beer Buffet

The beef & beer on Friday, Feb. 13th at the Knights of Columbus in West Chester was a hit, and a good time was had by all.  

Everyone who attended enjoyed good company, and brews, but the star of the event was the authentic Korean food that was served up from Lee Walsh. Michale Stewart ate more kimchi (spicy, pickled cabbage) than previously thought possible by mere mortals.

Although beer pong and other messy drinking games were not allowed, some of the boys put their creative minds together and resorted to rounds upon rounds of boat races which quickly diminished a half keg of good old Yuengling Lager.

To everyone who attended thank you for coming and supporting PWRFC and we hope to see you at more events this season!