PWRFC Photos

Clark DeLeon and a very pretty Mike Siano

Remember when all we needed to do the weeks between the end of the fall semester and the beginning of the spring semester was pace ourselves. It was crucial on New Year's Eve. Yes we were going to go out all night, of course, but we needed to make sure we had enough in the tank to make it through New Years day. Well, it looks like my brother Michael got his beauty sleep ... Clark-ee ... not so much.

Allentown at Norfolk 1971

Allentown played in the Norfolk tournament in VA Beach... There were 12 teams, and we were the only teams from the north... The southern boys were pissed that we were both in the final.

One other item of interest in that game was that George and I raced into the In Goal after a ball (talk about speedsters!) and I fell on it first to prevent a try by George :) philly won 12-0...
Oh, and one more thing for your amusement ... you were always a 60s/early 70s kind of guy ... The attached is as close as we could come to a formal team picture ... and it's also the first rugby picture in which I know Heide is to be found (lower left) ... Gregg Jones took the picture and therefore is not in it ...

Man, that was a long time ago ...

Emil Signes skys in the LineOut

George Betzler can only watch helplessly in the back of the line.
Allentown v. Philadelphia circa 1971. Evidently, the game was played in Norfolk the only 2 teams from the North Allentown and Philadelphia played in the final. Philadelphia won 12-0.

Mutt and Jeff

Mutt and Jeff will be teaming up to put the spring 2010 schedule together. ...that's Michael Verrill and Jeff Schmidt

PWRFC - The New Club

The Littlest Fans - Ella and Jack (and Alexander)

Ella Sanders and Jack Siano (with Alexander McCurry in the background) chillin on the sidelines during the Lehigh Valley match

Mark and Ella Sanders