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PW Hall of Famer Nears Wrestling Milestone

COLLEGEVILLE, Pa. (CBS) – One of the most successful college wrestling coaches in the country is nearing a milestone.  Longtime Ursinus head man Bill Racich is four wins shy of 450 for his collegiate coaching career.

He came to Ursinus in 1980 but says the Coach Racich of today is different from the Coach Racich who came on the scene as Ronald Reagan was ascending to president of the United States.

“As any young coach, most of the young coaches, myself included, were pretty much out of our minds — twenty-four-seven, 300 miles per hour,” he recalls.

“I’ve learned that the devil is in the details,” he told KYW Newsradio this morning.  “To take a step back every now and then, keep things in balance, and just work individually with every student athlete on my team to make them better.”

Listen to Ernie being interviewed on KYW News today:



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Cass in the Ladies Room

It's not the greatest photo of Cass I've ever seen, but every women at Boathouse Sports and there's a lot of them have seen Cass from the back side. Turns out, as I heard directly from Olympic Rower and Boathouse founder John Strotbeck, Philly Whitemarsh started it all for their jacket line. Pretty cool eh? I know a lot of you still own and wear that jacket all the time. Visit Boathouse Sports to see all their new cool gear.

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The Kid

Chris Ryan circa 1989. See:

for the rest of the story!

Pud and Siano on injured reserve

Siano, Gilfoil, Puddie Arm-in-Arm

Are you ready for the holidays?

Fresh Cut Fraser Firs

George Betzler and Peter Heaton, once again, made the trip to Kuhn's Tree Farm in Boalsburg, PA to pick up this year's batch of trees for the boys of PWRFC. Thanks George and Peter we appreciate it. The trees are in and ready for pickup. George's buddy and Penn State rugby supporter, cut the lot of trees the same morning they were picked up, Friday December 3rd. The trees are fresh cut and beautiful. The tree in this email is in my living room and lookin' awesome. Thank you PWRFC.

The question remains: Are you ready for the holidays? Maybe your too old to get all hyped up about the holidays. Maybe you just don't feel like it this year. Heck, maybe you're Jewish and you never had a Christmas tree before. Well, I'm here to tell you it's time. It's time for you to get up out of that recliner, jump into your car and head off to McLean's to grab yourself a fresh Fraser Fir.

At the Siano house, the trip to the McLean's house for our tree has become a treasured annual affair. Note: If you're going to make the trip, remember to bring something for the sweet little wolves to chew on ... like a spare tire or something! Once we got our tree home and in place (the tree was trimmed so it went right into the stand - no additional cutting needed), Rollie, our resident 'Elf on the Shelf' perched himself right near the top of the tree. The kids were amazed! The tree brought instant joy to the Siano house and continues to bring JOY to all who see it.

Put JOY in your household by purchasing a beautiful Fraser Fir from PWRFC! 

Getting to McLean's House

The simplest way is by sleigh. Of course, that requires a special arrangement with Santa Claus, but if you can manage it, it's fun, economical (Santa usually doesn't charge) and fast as lightning. Normally the round trip takes just a blink of an eye and a twitch of the nose! Otherwise, I suggest just calling Keith for directions (info on the web).

Donate a Tree

As usual, the club is accepting tax deductible donations for our 'donate a tree' drive. Just make your check out to PWRFC for the amount of your choosing.

Christmas Tree Pricing

christmas treeTree Sizes/Prices
6-7 feet $65.00
7-8 feet $75.00
8-9 feet $85.00

The following larger sizes are special order only...
9-10 feet $95.00
10-11 feet $110.00
11-12 feet $125.00

Please send your requests by email or phone to Keith McLean 610 633-8315 or Stephen Siano 610 389-4474.
Remember, PW is a 501c3 non-profit. All donations are tax deductible.

About the Fraser Fir

The Fraser Fir, Abies Fraseri, is a classy, tall, fir tree that has short dark-green needles with silver undersides. It is among the most classy of conifers. A great ornamental and Christmas tree because of its density and compactness. Fraser Firs will grow in most locations but must have good drainage.

This dense evergreen tree has wood that is light, soft, not strong and coarse-grained. It is grown extensively for Christmas trees in Boalsburg, PA. at Kuhn's Tree Farm! The gentleman who owns the farm has been associated with the Penn State rugby program for over thirty years.

Kevin Roberts welcomes New Zealand Rugby Stars to New York, and now also Kiwi League Star!

Join host Kevin Roberts, meet the Michael Jones, Frano Botica and Tawera Nikau, bid in the auction for two tickets to New Zealand and much more.

Saatchi & Saatchi | 375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014

Click HERE for tickets »

Michael Jones, Rugby World Cup Volunteer Ambassador, is one of New Zealand's greatest rugby stars, an iconic All Black, member of the RWC 1987 winning New Zealand team and a former coach of Manu Samoa.

Find out more about Michael Jones »

Frano Botica is one of the few athletes who has worn Triple Black Jerseys, having played for the New Zealand Sevens, All Blacks (both rugby union) and Kiwis (rugby league). He has also been a New Zealand Maori representative.

Find out more about Frano Botica »

Tawera Nikau, Official Legend of League and former New Zealand Rugby League representative will be a special guest following his New York Marathon debut, seven years after losing a leg in a motorcycle accident.

Find out more about Legends of the League »

Join host Kevin Roberts, meet the players, bid in the auction for two tickets to New Zealand and much more.

VIP Entrance $200 / General Entrance $75

Click HERE for tickets »

Enquiries to or 1 646 378 4803

The Martians are Heading Downunder

Led by Skipper Andy Smith, a former Philadelphia RFC stalwart, MARS is travelling to Sydney, Australia for the 18th Golden Oldies World Rugby Festival. MARS will be one of 175 teams from 15 countries participating in the biannual festival that is based on fun, friendship and fraternity.

MARS first travelled to this Festival in 1985 when it was held in London, England. Until recently MARS was run by Tony Studdy who in 2005 passed the reigns over to Steve Cohen. MARS has participated in all but 2 festivals to date. Initially MARS players were mostly former Philadelphia-Whitemarsh players but in recent years while retaining many of these players, MARS has expanded its reach to include players from across the US.

18th Golden Oldies World Rugby Festival - Sydney, Australia

The Festival lasts for 8 days and nights and features an opening ceremony and Parade of Nations through the streets of Sydney ending at the Sydney Exhibition and Convention Centre for a party for nearly 5000 players and guests. There are 3 playing days that will feature the use of 24 fields at Sydney's Centennial Park. This will allow all of the participants to party together at the post-match drinkup. The Festival ends on Day 8 with a spectacular farewell dinner. From there most Martians head out on vacation to see nearby parts of the world that we would otherwise not get to.

For those of you who have not experienced a "Golden Oldies" festival, it is the true essence of the rugby experience. The calibre of play varies based on team preference from full IRB laws (Grade 1) down to less competitiveness.

If interested in being kept informed about MARS news and future festivals, please send an email to Steve Cohen at

The next Festival is scheduled for Fukuoka, Japan from October 28 to November 3, 2012.

Chris Ryan - PWRFC 15s Coach

PWRFC is proud to announce the selection of Chris Ryan as our 15s Coach for the Fall. Way to go Chris!

Rugby League Standoff?

PWRFC's David Nui and Jeff Preston discuss the future of League rugby ... Or ... decide where to go for a beer after the match

PWRFC Siting! Marc Cerceo

Marc Cerceo at the Rugby League Grand Final Aug 2010