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Oh ... Christmas Tree

Oh ... Christmas Tree
Oh ... Christmas Tree
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Cape Fear 7s Old Boys Champions 1999

As part of our yearly trek to Wilmington NC, we always managed to put together a pretty good rugby team. We also managed to have a really good time. I miss Wrightsville Beach!

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Faces in the Crowd

Chris Ryan and Joe Grohovsky watch PW defeat Harrisburg at Edgley Field in Fairmount Park.

The McLeans

Clearly Ryan's parents love each other and they love watching PW and Ryan McLean play rugby.

Scottie Walker, wife and Bethlehem rugby crew

We've cranked the club back up and things are starting to come together, but as much as we had a successful fall and spring playing 15s back in the day, there was a strong group of us who fell in love with the game of sevens. In the era when Philly Whitemarsh was playing great 7s, there was no team who played more sevens then PWRFC and our group could argue that there was no team who played better. One team who could possibly claim superiority was Bethlehem.

Scottie Walker was just one of the Bethlehem players that I loved-to-hate during matches and like every Bethlehem player to-a-man completely, utterly cracked me up off the pitch. When I played rugby, I looked forward to the match-up against Scottie and Mo and Davie and Bert and Hoover and I'm even old enough to say the late great George Yasso. Leading them always is now a great friend, Emil Signes. If anyone ever said I accomplished anything in rugby, I'd have to point to Emil and certainly George Betzler as contributors to my success.

I posted a cherish rugby photo the other night and low and behold ... Scottie retaliated with one of his own.


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A note from Scottie Walker, Bethlehem Rugby Club

Like you, I scheduled my wedding for a non-rugby day --- actually, George Yasso threatened me bodily harm for even thinking about a rugby-day wedding.
In the photo is my wife and the team minutes before the 3rd keg kicked and Priestas danced on the bar.
Look closely and you'll see Hoover, Bert, D. Fenton, the Mo brothers, Joe Hanley, Tony Rogerson, Ect, ect,
Emil was there celebrating but not in this pic ...
Tell the boys to make a commitment--they'll make friends for life.

Scotty Walker

Amy Siano - Sept 2001

So you're thinking about really committing to rugby, but you're not sure. "I have work, my girl friend ... my life for God sake," right? Take a good look at this photo - share it with your present girl friend - judge her reaction. If she loves it, propose to her right then and there. If you already know she won't like it ... think about moving on. Seriously. This is not a 'social' sport. You think, wait a minute ... that looks like a pretty social event....

First of all, I checked the calendar before my wedding and there was absolutely no chance of a rugby match that day ... know what I'm saying Keith!

Rugby is a team sport and I do have friends who aren't rugby players. Really I do. But these men that came to my wedding, that serenaded my wife much to her utter joy ... at one time or another during my rugby playing days - I committed to them - I made the choice, the choice, to give them 100% of my time for a common goal. I'm proud of that.

You guys may not know, but the present USA Sevens coach is a teammate and friend of all the guys that are still heavily involved with Philly Whitemarsh. His simple mantra these days is that life is about choices.

If you make the choice, there's a bunch of us that will know you've made the choice and we will support you. I think you guys are starting to realize that.

The first match of the season is a new beginning. Enjoy the match.

If you haven't committed 100% there is still time to make that choice. Why should you? Revisit the photo. These men - these rugby men are truly - my friends and my wife's friends for life.

BTW, I wish we had audio. None of them can sing.

First Practice - Huge Success

Tonight's practice at the ol' Rocket Sports in Wayne was a huge hit as the boys came out in droves. It's early but we'd all like to think PW is back. If you're reading this and your not out - get out ... if you're a bit over the hill like me ... it's OK - come out run around a bit during the preseason and think about supporting the boys during the season. Thanks to all the hard work ... so far ... to get the commitment to the practice field. Keep it up.

1997 PWRFC 7s at Viginia Beach

L-R: Skip (Washington), Al Caravelli (Philly Whitemarsh), Richard Paquin(PW), Lex McCurry (PW), Mike Coyner (Washington), Flam (PW), GJ Sucher (Wash-soon to PW - still PW) ... then all the way on the sidelines in the upper left, Jim Sheety, Spike Walsh #6, Stephen Siano ... coach Emil Signes was there that day probably next to whomever took this photo. PW went to nationals in 1997 which turned out to be the 1st time in six straight years.

PWRFC in Vegas for 2011 USA Sevens

L-R: Bugman, TaTonka, Mr. Pud, Ed Curran, Puddy and JoJo

PWRFC's Jim Walier inducted into Old Blue Rugby Hall of Fame

Jim Walier, Philly Whitemarsh national champion, was recently inducted into the Old Blue Rugby Foundation Hall of Fame in New York City.

Established in 1963, Old Blue is one of the elite rugby clubs in the United States, having produced championship caliber teams since its inception by Columbia University alumni at historic Baker Field in New York City more than 45 years ago.

A skilled, premier center/wing, Walier played first side in 15s and 7s throughout his entire career, which spanned nine seasons from 1989 to 1998. He captained Old Blue to its first U.S. National Club 7s Championship in 1993 and was a fixture in the OB backline as the team won USA Super League Rugby Eastern Conference Championships in 1997 and 1998.

In 1999, Jim moved to Philly with his wife SallyAnn as SallyAnn took a weather job in the area. Turns out Jim moved to Philly whether or not he wanted to. All worked out as Jim ended up making the final 10-man squad at the end of the summer of 1999 and that squad ended up winning the USA Rugby National 7s Championship.

Congratulations to Jim. Now we know that at least a little piece of Philly-Whitemarsh will always be a part of Old Blue Rugby.

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