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Tatoka Wins Two at Aspen

Tatoka Wins Two at Aspen

The Virginia Cardnials, home to many PWRFC 'graduates' or more senior citizens won the championship in the over 50's and the over 55's at Aspen this past September. Tatonka, strong like bull played in every match for both sides. Good on you big guy.

Marcus sets up Siano for a try

Maffei wins it for PW

I'm pretty sure we're talking 1997 MARFU Championships at the Polo Fields in Bryn Mawr. For all you young lads that puts Marcus Maffei and Siano in their mid to late 30's. We considered ourselves in our rugby prime at the time. On to the action ... Marcus is most certainly putting a step on the sweeper in this classic sevens shot against the Maryland Old Boys. He didn't own a hard cut, but the move was sweet, made with speed and often made people completely miss. With the miss though, I'm fairly certain by analyzing the shot and the players chasing (stretching my brain to remember) that Marcus may have gotten caught from the side. That puts me in line for a try. We'll work on confirming that here at 'rugby central'. It depends on the field position for me. I certainly couldn't break away from anyone - anyone at all, but I was a persistent chaser and if I was close enough to the line.

So, unless I hear otherwise, Marcus set me up for a try. I wonder if I still owe him a beer?!

The Real Story

Video Tells All...

After posting this photo last week and musing about what may have happened in the past, I ran into Marcus McFooFoo at Fatty's party. He gave me the play-by-play, then followed up today with a link to the video. I cropped the video down to 'the play' in question. Here's the story ... in the third place qualifying match at the end of the day, PW faced off against MOB in the 1997 MARFU Championships at the Polo Fields in Bryn Mawr. The winner would go on to the national tournament hosted by Philly Whitemarsh in Conshohocken. Maryland had crushed us earlier in the day. From a set scrum the ball went through the hands and back to the fly (Siano) on a camel play. After I got the ball back from the OC (I still can't tell who's playing OC), I decided to grub through, Marcus picked up a bouncing ball and scored. The Maryland defender (Verb), looking like he is going to catch Marcus ran out of room and Marcus scored what turned out to be the winning try. It was our first trip of 5 in a row to the national championship which we hosted. PW won the national USA Rugby championship in 1999.

Turns out Marcus owes me a beer!

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Bleeding and smelly, yet victorious

Captain Bob Haller and his girlfriend Laura just after the Second City match. Laura, a die hard fan, is one of the many behind the scenes that are starting to make Philly Whitemarsh back into a club again.

PW Boys in Aspen

Here's a photo of Philly Whitemarsh Old Boys who played at Aspen this past weekend. They have mugs ... which are reserved for the winners ... they are too busy partying I guess to tell us who won what ... I do know the Cardinals won the Over 50s bracket.

Photo, L-R: Louis Tulio, Tatonka, Keith Cassidy, Chris Vely, R. Keith McLean, Puddin Head

Tatonka - Strong Like Bull

Some time in the early 90s a man from Buffalo joined our ranks.

We call him. T-A-T-O-N-K-A

More Rugby Brothers

Hi Everybody,............
My name is Ian Wolk, I was searching/surfing Goggle yesterday, and came across the picture "Rugby Brothers". I am standing next to Clark with my hand on his shoulder in that picture.

I played rugby for Whitemarsh and then Phila Whitemarsh from 1974-1984, during that time,we truly were a band of brothers. We practiced hard, played harder and raised Holy Hell wherever we went. The stories are hilarious and endless. If anyone on the team ever needed anything,we were there for each other.

Our matches took us all over the place. From the local games to Rhode Island ,Pittsburgh,Virginia,Canada etc. We went to England and Wales and also went back to Europe to play on the "MARS" team (Mid-Atlantic Rugby Seminar), which was a team comprised of Whitemarsh players as well as teams from NY, NJ and PA.

(I'll never forget the food fight the TEAM decided to have at a turnpike rest stop on the way back from Pittsburgh, the State Police were called to stop it-thank God for Al Little on that one),

During the off season we did things like white water rafting trips in West Virginia,and visiting each other at various shore houses.
I have attached another team picture, maybe someone would like to have it. Please help yourself to posting it, but if you do, could you please entitle it "More Rugby Brothers"

I also noticed while surfing that Mr.Di passed in November. I wish I would have known sooner so I could have been at the services. Words cannot describe how good of a man he was. I will never forget his kind, caring way. The DiFrancesco's are a wonderful family. They always made all the players feel like we were part of their family.

Back then, after the home games on Glendale Road, the Di's would open their home to the entire team, for showers and and bowl of Mrs. Di's chili! Mr Di. was my friend and my deepest condolences go out to the entire DiFrancesco family.

Ian Wolk

Classic Photo: Am I Too Big?

Returning from playing on the Under 33 USA Rugby squad .. Pud ponders his girth.

Fantastic Sucher Tree

Tree looks absolutely fantastic. Good on you mate (R. Keith McLean) for keeping up the tradition. Mia decorated it herself. She did a great job on a great tree!

GJ Sucher

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