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PWRFC vs Wilmington 10/4/14

PWRFC vs Wilmington
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Scrum vs Wilmington
Face-Off vs Wilmington

Photos from PWRFC's hard-fought match against Wilmington RFC at Memorial Hall, Philadelphia on Oct. 4, 2014.

(Photos by Stephen Karas)

April 2014: PWRFC Takes Care of Reading

PW versus Reading

PW reaches for the win against Reading in an EPRU semfinal match. 


Philadelphia Whitemarsh Rugby Football Club

Old Belvedere RFC 1980

Whitemarsh Rugby v. Old Belvedere RFC 1980

Whitemarsh tour 1980.  Old Belvedere RFC
Lou Raymond

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In 1989 - We Did it and Clark was there

In 1989 - We Did it and Clark was there

Joe Grohovsky sent this over today after seeing the announcement that Cass was elected to enter the HoF. Clark's Philadelphia Inquire Scene often mentioned the goings on of Whitemarsh then Philly Whitemarsh. You can read it in his words ... he's on board but still missing his Whitemarsh days ...

I'm often criticized for my mention of the differences between Philadelphia and Whitemarsh and the combined PWRFC, but the differences are real. We don't celebrate the differences but the history that brought us together.

Hail Whitemarsh ... Hail Philadelphia Rugby Club.

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A Very Di Christmas

Michael finally put his tree up.

Christmas 2012

Tricia and Melissa Pennington

Tricia and Melissa Pennington with a beautiful frasier fir from the boys at PWRFC.

Glory Days at the 1986 Hibernian 7s

Scottie Walker 1986 Hibernians

What interested me wasn't ol' Scotty Walker but the fact that PWRFC was playing in the background. I'm in the shot right below Scotty's left butt cheek. There are 3 othe PW players in the photo. Anyone recognize anyone? Scotty claims Bethlehem beat us in the final. I recall a different winner ... the boys from PWRFC!!

Scott's note:

Not sure if you want to post a pic of the enemy--on the field anyway---best of friends off the field with all my Whitemarsh Rugby bros. These were the glory days at the 1986 Hibernian 7's. Yours truly running in one of five try's in this match. Notice Franklin Defelice next to me and he doesn't even have a ciggy butt in his mouth. Also pictured are George Yasso, Dennis Fenton, Joe Mo. The Hibos tourney was always a great time and better party---many great matches between Bethlehem, MOB, Whitemarsh, Nova, Duck Bros, Rhoddy Old Boys, Old Blue, etc.
Scotty Walker