Mar 26 2014

Wednesday Night Lights

Mar 24 2014

With a successful regular season in the books, it's time to start training for next season's slate of matches. We'll be conducting winter workouts at YSC again this year - it'll be a great way to not only stay in shape, but get in better shape before next season and give us an even greater advantage once the matches begin.

Mar 15 2014

PWRFC opened their spring season with a 30-7 friendly loss to NYRC in The Big Apple.  Last spring, NYRC made the trip to Memorial Hall where PW took care of their 'C' Side.  This year, PW went north and lost to NYRC's 'A' side.

Whitemarsh Rugby v. Old Belvedere RFC 1980
Jan 9 2014

Whitemarsh tour 1980.  Old Belvedere RFC
Lou Raymond

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In 1989 - We Did it and Clark was there
Dec 20 2013

Joe Grohovsky sent this over today after seeing the announcement that Cass was elected to enter the HoF. Clark's Philadelphia Inquire Scene often mentioned the goings on of Whitemarsh then Philly Whitemarsh. You can read it in his words ... he's on board but still missing his Whitemarsh days ...

I'm often criticized for my mention of the differences between Philadelphia and Whitemarsh and the combined PWRFC, but the differences are real. We don't celebrate the differences but the history that brought us together.

Hail Whitemarsh ... Hail Philadelphia Rugby Club.

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Christmas Tree Sale PWRFC
Dec 5 2013

If you haven't gotten your Christmas Tree yet this year and want to support PWRFC, you're in luck! Peter and George have picked the trees up and the PWRFC Annual Christmas Tree Sale is all set. Keith McLean has generously volunteered to have the trees available for pickup at his house in Malvern. Here's his address:

Bill and his wife, Jules
Dec 2 2013

Throughout a storied athletic career, Bill "Ernie" Racich has accumulated many awards - including being a member of the Philadelphia Whitemarsh Hall of Fame. After a ceremony on November 26, he can add another honor to the list: Bill is now a member of the Montgomery County Coaches Hall of Fame thanks to his exemplary record as Ursinus College's head wrestling coach.

Nov 19 2013

George Betzler got his coaching start in the early 1970s, when he transitioned from being a player for Philadelphia to being the coach of Whitemarsh. His coaching prowess soon led him to be named as an assistant coach for the United States Eagles and George was on the sidelines when the Eagles won their first international match over Canada.

Philly Whitemarsh in Action Against South Jersey
Oct 31 2013

The only blemish on Philly Whitemarsh's record last three regular seasons came at South Jersey RFC's pitch.  But that was last year, and this is this year.  PWRFC defeated South Jersey 59-7 in the final game of the season to complete their second undefeated season (10-0) in the last 3 years.