Oct 3 2009

In Freddie's stead (back injury), Bobby Carroll is a perfect choice for captain. He's a quite calm cool collected guy with few choice poignant words. His PaPa taught him well. EXCEPT, ... Bobby pulls us together before kickoff and states, "Philly on 3." Sometimes I don't think people get me about this Philly v. Whitemarsh thing.

Oct 1 2009

The following was submitted by Clark DeLeon directly from the Whitemarsh Lineout of April 1976. Evidently, Clark doesn't want to play anymore rugby just reminiss about it.

Whitemarsh Lineout Vol. 2 No. 5 April 19, 1976

Oct 1 2009

 "Contrary to Stephen Siano's 'memory' of playing his first rugby match way back in 1975, when mastadons still roamed the earth, I can attest that his first game came in a much later rugby epoch -- at least four months into 1976!  Recent conclusive researches, by Darwin and Huxley and Hall, have uncovered original copies of The Whitemarsh Lineout, the rosetta stone of Philadelphi

Sep 27 2009

Ella Sanders and Jack Siano (with Alexander McCurry in the background) chillin on the sidelines during the Lehigh Valley match

Sep 26 2009

I received an email Friday from 'used-to-be' former Philly-Whitemarsh standout prop Jay Kolb. He had received the latest email from the club. He was excited to hear that the team was playing in the area of his home in Bethlehem. I immediately replied, 'Bring your boots.' Then Jay sent back, ''I don't know about that." I was busy tracking down 15 for the match, so we left it at that.

Sep 24 2009

I played my first game of rugby by just showing up at the field with my brothers John and Jimbo. We won 4-0 ... no - trys were four points not three as many of you now want to believe about me. It was a long time ago, though ... Clark has the binder of Whitemarsh Lineouts. Clark, you wrote them, yes, but they are Al Little's - he loaned them to me ... don't lose them!

Sep 17 2009

Practice is an important part of our match preparation!

Sep 13 2009

Yes, we did get a full side to play our first match back against PCOM. Yes, the newly now resurgent Philly Whitemarsh Rugby Football Club did take an early lead on a Steve Frey penalty kick right in front of the posts.

Aug 27 2009

PW will hosting the 7th sort-a annual rugby banquet and hall of fame induction. It is also the 10th anniversary of the 1999 PW 7s National Championship and the 20th anniversary of the club's appearance in the national championship game.