Apr 1 2010

Pw put numerous trys on the board against a tough White horse side at their home pitch in Phoenixville Saturday. Trys were scored by Man of the Match Bob Haller (3), Pat Ifrig (2) and Kyle King. The team gets better and better each week. Keep up the good work.

Mar 29 2010

I had a quick chat with Bob before the match this past Saturday ... churned up some old memories - Bob's a Philly guy!

Mar 29 2010

The 2nd City tournament is this Saturday April 3rd. This Saturday's match w/ Second City will be played at Memorial Hall.
Kickoff is at 1:00 pm.

Mar 25 2010

The PW boys did themselves proud this past Saturday as four different players scored their first points of the season.

Trys scored by Muff, David Jordan (2), Haller, Siano, Kyle King

Mar 21 2010

Even more new players came out to play on a gorgeous day for the first day of Spring. Six brand new guys took the field for PWRFC today. Yes we were green. the first period was very sluggish. The second a little better. The third a little better. By the fourth period, things picking up. In defense of the Hibos, they didn't have nearly the side on the field that they started with, but it PW certainly was benefiting from the work.

I've been doing this for a long time. In the faces of some, I saw it. The It, as much as anything, means they are here to stay. The team is becoming a club.

Thanks to Joe Grohovsky for providing our new PWRFC 'Man of the Match' blazer. Congratulations to Jeremy Robinson - our Man of the Match and Fougere Gordon our Rookie of the Match. Two great stories as Jeremy just arrived from Wisconsin with more than a little previous experience and Fougere is just one of many VFMA men who are literally infiltrating our ranks.

Thanks to the Hibos for being the gracious host once again.

Mar 19 2010

Let's get there on time to warm up and walk through ...
We will be playing multiple sessions, some of them being instructional when necessary.   It is full contact (bring cleats/mouth pieces), but we will dictate the games as needed to ensure everyone is safe and understands the flow of the game.

Mar 18 2010

Remember when all we needed to do the weeks between the end of the fall semester and the beginning of the spring semester was pace ourselves. It was crucial on New Year's Eve. Yes we were going to go out all night, of course, but we needed to make sure we had enough in the tank to make it through New Years day. Well, it looks like my brother Michael got his beauty sleep ... Clark-ee ... not so much.

Mar 15 2010

This Saturday, March 20th the West Chester University Men’s Rugby Club will host Loyola College in the quarter-final round of the 2010 Mid-Atlantic Rugby Union DII Championships. The match will be played in Farrell Stadium with the kickoff scheduled for 6:30 PM. We would like to extend to you and your teammates an invitation to come out and support us.

Mar 12 2010

I was listening to the Flyers game on the way to practice last night and one of the announcers mentioned Gordie Howe. I'm kinda old, so I remember Gordie Howe when he played. His first season in the NHL was 1946-1947. I'm not that old! But he played his last NHL season 1979-1980. I remember his last season!

Mar 9 2010

My Alma Mata, Cornell University, recently hired a new head football coach. Keeping up as well as I can with the happenings of my old school, I clicked through an email to read about what we were getting. Something struck a cord in Kent Austin's quote. He said, "We're not in this to be competitive. We're in this to be champions." Now that is a statement.