Connor James Hoffmaster RIP

Connor James Hoffmaster Rest in Peace

Conner with Bear Betzler

It is with heavy heart and deep sorrow that I report the passing of Connor James Hoffmaster. Conner was the son of George and Helen Betzler's daughter Brenda Betzler Hoffmaster. Having just celebrated his 19th birthday in January, Connor died suddenly this past Friday March 22nd. Brenda's brother Bear describes Conner as "a good natured kid who was a joy to his family and friends." Conner was George and Helen's first grandchild. Brenda stated simply, "today I lost my son and greatest love. Please pray for him and that I may carry on without him. Connor James Hoffmaster RIP."

We Love You

I am technically not a brother to Bear or Bernadette or Brenda or a son to Helen, nor do we know each other as such. But George, you are more like a father than a friend and I consider you one of my best of friends. And I know I am not alone. I speak for all of my Whitemarsh and PWRFC brothers. As a coach, a mentor and friend you have given us more than we can ever repay. We are here for you and your wonderful wife and family. We've cheered with you, laughed with you and now, damn it, we will cry with you. If nothing, you've taught us that we are nothing without each other.

George, Helen, Brenda and the entire Betzler family: We truly love you.

10:00am Wednesday March 27th at St. Teresa of Avila

A funeral will be held for Connor on Wednesday March 27th at St. Teresa of Avila in Norristown, PA. Visitation commences at 8:30am with a mass following at 10:00am.