Bouncer Wanted - Tavern on Broad (TOB) Job Opportunity

Bouncer Wanted - Tavern on Broad (TOB) Job Opportunity

This position has been filled!

My name is Tim Orenbuch and I played college rugby at Penn State and with Philly Whitemarsh in the 90's. I'm currently working part time running the security for a bar called Tavern on Broad (TOB), located at the corner of Broad and Walnut Streets in Philadelphia. TOB is a restaurant and sports bar most of the time, but on Friday and Saturday nights there's a DJ and it's becomes more like a dance club. It fills up with people in their 20s and early 30s....with TONS of hot women.

I've asked my old fly-half (Stephen Siano) to send out this message because we are looking for a couple of guys to help with security on weekends and special events, like St. Patrick's Day. There are very rarely fights, most of the time you'll be watching to make sure everyone is having a good time and not getting to out of control. Occasionally we have to escort people out who have had one too many or stop fights before they start. The toughest part of the job is the 15-20 minutes of sweeping that we have to do at the end of the night.

We need guys who have some size and presence, aren't afraid to tell people what to do, and don't mind walking around a crowded club crawling with hot women, making sure that people are having fun. The job pays $15/hour cash at the end of an evening shift, which runs from 9PM - about 2:30 AM, but you'll be paid til 3. If you're bad at math, that's $90. There's work on Friday 3/12 and Saturday 3/13 evenings, as well as Saturday afternoon, due to the Erin Express. If you're interested, the best way to reach me is to text or call.

Good luck this season...Cheers!
Tim Orenbuch
cell: 917-626-3224