PW falls to Wilmington 24-29

PWRFC vs Wilmington

In a hard fought battle at Memorial Hall field PW fell just short to @WilmingtonRugby by a score of 24 to 29.

PW took the lead into the half by a score of 12-7 with trys by Stinson and Ian. In the second half Wilmington came back to score then Miller scored in the corner. with a nice kick from the Corner by Conway the score was PW up 19-14. Wilmington would score the next 3 trys to take a 29-19 lead. A late score put the final at Wilmington 29 PW 24. 

"It was a tough loss obviously this weekend. But it's such an easy thing to use going forward," Bob Haller notes. "We scored with minutes left to play and had a chance to win it.  It says lengths about our club that we didn't give up when we were down over 10 points with less than 10 to play."

PW, like Wilmington, started the fall campaign with 3 straight league wins. Wilmington (4-0) now leads the league with PW in second place at 3-1.

Watch some of the action filmed by our own Marcus Maffei.

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